PVP Groups

Sree Rengaraaj Steels is a renowned steel manufacturing company founded by Mr.P.V.Pandurangan. The group founded as a small start-up has grown to a significant position with 6 individual units over the years – thanks to the visionary leadership of Mr.P.V.Pandurangan. Sree Rengaraaj Steels is one of the famous steel manufacturers in the Southern region of India with the capacity and capability to manufacture international quality products.

Productivity leads the industry

The product range spans a wide array of structural steel like Flat, Round and Square manufactured to match international quality standards, catering to the industrial and evergrowing construction markets in India.

Sree Rengaraaj steels offers a diverse product line unmatched by any other competitor in the market. Our mild steel meet and exceed specifications of the customers in the automotive, construction and manufacturing markets. A highly responsive and flexible production capability producing tailor-made solutions has resulted in Sree Rengaraaj, becoming a preferred supplier to key customers in this region.

Sree Rengaraaj steels has the most flexible facilities producing the most diversified product line in the domestic steel industry -- mild steels. We are the only full-line domestic producer of mild steels that caters to the needs of construction industry, electrical industry and other engineering and manufacturing companies.

Sree Rengaraaj Steels Company is proud of our accomplishments in the past years and will continue to provide all our customers the satisfaction of their particular Job well-done.

We operate two units at salem - Sree Rangaraj Steels & Sree Rangaraj Alloys. Sree Rangaraj Ispat Industries which is located at Perundurai mainly focuses on Steel Manufacturing & Electricity.

Why US?

Sree Rengaraaj steels has attained its unique position due to:

  • Conformance to International Standards
  • Skilled and experienced employees
  • Strategic locations in the Southern region
  • High flexibility in steel product development
  • Customised steel products exceeding customer expectations