Sponge Iron, also known as Direct Reduced Iron is produced from Hematite Iron ore (5 to 20 mm size) / Iron Oxide pellets (6 to 18 mm size) by removing the oxygen by direct reduction process using non coking coal as the fuel and reducing agent in Rotary Kiln. Sponge iron is rich in Metallic Iron (Pure Iron) with consistent chemical & physical characteristics. This provides steel makers flexibility in preparing their furnace charge to produce finer quality steels than what is possible using steel scrap only. DRI produced at this plant is transferred to Special Steel Plant and also sold to other customers

Advantages Of Sponge Iron/ DRI

  • High Fe Content and high degree of metallisation.
  • Uniform and Consistent quality.
  • Lower Sulphur & Phosphorus content.
  • Negligible tramp elements
  • Minimum dust generation during handling.
  • Good flow ability in bins and conveyors for continuous and trouble free charging.
  • Superior Technical Support to Furnace operators.